Main Cast

Annie Hopkins - 18 years old, 5'2"

The perfect student, the perfect daughter, and.... the perfect loner. Although Annie is academically smart, her social skills are terrible and hasn't had a friend in years. Always worried about saying and doing the right thing, she stands in her own way most of the time. Basically she's a nervous wreck! Once getting to know her though, she's a sweet and kind person who is just trying to find herself.

Child Annie - 5 Years old??, 3'8"

A mysterious child figure from Annie's inner thoughts and subconsciousness. Always angry and never satisified with anything, Annie hates talking to her. This is for good reason: who wants to talk to someone who constantly screams they hate you. But maybe she represents something more to Annie than she realizes...

Heather Hopkins - 43 years old, 5'7"

Annie's very serious, overworking and high achieving mother. Heather is one of the best realtors in the city. She makes a lot of money and is highly known in the real estate community. Proud of her image and success, she has worked hard to achieve everything she's ever wanted. She expects the same work and determination from her daughter. Nothing less and always more...

(Aunt) Kyra Hopkins - 49 years old, 5'7"

Annie's sweet and bubbly aunt. She runs one of the best bakery's in BunnyCrerst and is well known for her desserts. The complete opposite of Heather, her sister, Kyra is a very open and relaxed person. Although Kyra hasn't seen Annie in years, due to her rocky relationship with Heather, she still loves her niece and wants the best for her always.

Henry Hare - 20 years old, 6'0"

The young lightkeeper who lives next door to Annie's Aunt. Son of Captain Jack Hare, he diligently helps his dad keep the beloved BunnyCrest Lighthouse running twenty-four-seven. As someone who takes life as it comes, Henry's a very understanding person and a perceptive one at that. He's very emphatic towards people. But, because of his selfless nature, he has the tendency to put others before himself too much sometimes.

(Captain) Jack Hare - 50 years old, 6'5"

Stubborn, brash, and is known for having a sailors mouth, Jack Hare tends to come off as a scary person when people first meet him. He's been a lightkeeper for a long time, and is stubborn to let go of tradition as the world heads into the 21st century. Although he has a hard time expressing his feelings, Jack loves his son deeply. He is loyal to people he holds dear.

Rest of the Cast

Lauren Han: Ms. Han - 43 years old, 6'5"

Although Ms. Han is a college friend of Heathers, and helped Annie receive her internship, she is not the nicest of people. Known mostly as the witch in BunnyCrest, Ms. Han gets this nickname from her overall prideful attitude and inflated ego. Appointing herself as the curator of one of the museums in town, she insists she is in charge of her co-workers. This makes her intolerable to work with, along with her work ethic. Why she acts this way, no one really knows, but many believe it probably comes from a place of insecurity.

Carolin Redish - 20 years old, 6'0"

One of the museum assistants at BunnyCrest, Caroline is a fresh breathe of air compared to Ms. Han. Due to her down to earth and cheery attitude, many people find her easy to talk too and enjoy her company. Although she is a bit of a blabber mouth and sometimes doesn't think before she says things, Caroline always has the best intentions. Especially when she wants to help.

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