About the comic:

Annie Hopkins seems like she has her life all figured out as a young adult. She’s smart, kind, and has a bright future ahead of herself. With her internship lined up at BunnyCrest for the summer, and her admission to Stanford, it’s a no brainer that she doing well. Everything she’s worked for is finally falling into place. 

So then why does she still feel at odds with herself?

Having a hard time making a decision, Annie is at crossroads between what she wants and what others want for her. Especially her mother. She’s an indecisive mess… and has no idea what to do.

That is until she meets the young man next door. 

A rabbit named Henry, whose one of the lightkeeper’s next to her aunt’s home. 

His relax attitude is a nice change of pace. Soon they become friends, and Annie’s strict summer plans turn upside down as she and Henry learn what being an adult is all about.

About the author:


My name is Sarah Alu, but online my friends call me Whitty. I adore plushies, bunnies, the color pink, and anything sweet! My favorite snacks are Oreos!! 

Growing up, I have always loved art. Along with having a fascination for story telling, character creation, design and development. I have always wanted to create my own comic, having been inspired by manga, webcomics, and illustrated stories. But I have never had the courage up until now to give it a try. 

So if your reading, thank you so much!! I hope you are enjoying the story!

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