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Insight of Annie's thoughts, and a lead into Chapter one.

Chapter One: Welcome to BunnyCrest

Annie and her mother, Heather, are driving into BunnyCrest. The seashore island just outside the city. A new adventure to start the beginning of summer

*Song for Chapter one made by Wammiearts, please listen too while reading**

Chapter Two: The Warm Welcome

Annie and Heather finally arrive at Kyra's home where they'll be staying. Annie's Aunt is excited to see her and her mother again after so long. But Heather seems weary of her sister. Seems like they'll have to get along though for the summer.

Chapter Three: First Impressions

First introductions are always hard, but Heather is confident Annie will impress the "Curator". She's got a new suit and looks very professional after all. It's time to introduce herself and start her Internship at the museum. Even if Annie's a little nervous.

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